The Capital of Europe

Brussels is the capital of 500 million Europeans and is one of the world’s Power Cities – very important places for decision-making and debate. But it is a metropolis with a personal touch, internationally renowned for its conviviality. It offers a warm welcome to its numerous visitors: whether they come for business, culture, leisure or to get away from it all, a trip to Brussels is always memorable.

Brussels Highlights

Not to be missed in Brussels!

Brussels Town Hall
In the heart of the majestic Grand-Place, the political, administrative, and public importance of this historical building, coupled with its stunning architecture, make it an imposing sight to behold. The Brussels Town Hall, with its emblematic inner rooms, serves as a marvelous example of 15th and 19th century heritage.
An unmistakable symbol of Brussels and Belgium and a unique feat in the history of architecture: today, the Atomium is the most popular attraction in the capital of Europe. Built for the 1958 World’s Fair, it is a model of a crystalline iron molecule magnified 165 billion times. The upper sphere offers unique, spectacular views of Brussels.
Erected in 1928 by architect and Art Nouveau master Victor Horta, BOZAR is a centre of cultural and artistic life, with a variety of exhibitions, concerts, and events. A full renovation of the interior restored the original appearance of the building. Organized tours allow visitors to discover parts of the building previously off limits to the public.

Natural Sciences Museum
Meet the famous Bernissart Iguanodons in the largest Dinosaur Gallery in Europe. Learn about the human body in the Gallery of Humankind and go back in time in the Gallery of Evolution. You can also find out about urban species in BiodiverCITY or discover specimens which illustrate the Museum’s history in the 250 years of Natural Sciences hall.
The world of the European Parliament can be discovered at the Parlamentarium. Start your tour with a journey through European history and integration. Take a seat in the cinema of the Parlamentarium and get a 360° view of Europe and of its Parliament. Discover how the Parliament works, how laws are made and why European politics matter.
Art Nouveau
From 1890, the new generation of architects decided to break with the styles of the past, and their Art Nouveau gave the houses of Brussels a new look. Horta, Cauchie, Hankar, Blérot and others revolutionized construction by their use of iron, resulting in iconic buildings such as the Masion Autrique, the Horta Museum or the former “Old England” store.

Comic Strips
Brussels is the place where many legendary comic book characters were born – Tintin, Spirou, Gaston Lagaffe, Marsupilami, and the Smurfs, to name a few. In Brussels they appear life-sized on the facades of buildings, tell their stories at the Comics Art Museum, and are exhibited and sold in a host of specialist bookshops and galleries.
Brussels gastronomy has a long history with deep-rooted traditions, quality produce and bold flavours. Among the many Belgian specialities, chocolate, beer and frites are long-standing favourite taste-sensations. The more than 2000 restaurants in Brussels serving the cuisines of different nations make it possible to discover the flavours of the world.
The Alhambra, the Hot Club, Benny Goodman, Billie Holiday, Django Reinhardt – some of the great places and stars who have given Brussels an international reputation. These days, emblematic jazz places, such as Jazz Station, the Music Village, Sounds Jazz Club and the Archiduc, still give pride of place to jazz, which is still very much alive and well.